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May, 2016

Gutter clearing and cleaning service.

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We recently launched a gutter clearing service in Newbury, Thatcham, Hungerford, Reading, Kingsclere and Wantage and all surrounding areas.

Blocked gutters every year cost millions in terms of damage overflowing water costs. Our new gutter cleaning service sucks everything out of your gutters using an industrial wet and dry vac called a gutter sucker. All gutter clearing work is carried out from the safety of the ground using trained operatives. We can also clean the exterior of your gutters, soffits and fascias.

Gutter clearing is an important facet art of home maintenance. The problem is, many householders wait to until their gutters are overflowing before getting their gutters cleared. Silently though, damage is being done.

It’s recommended that gutters are cleared once a year to prevent rain water soaking into your brickwork and causing damp in your home.

So, if you live in West Berkshire, Reading, Oxfordshire or Wiltshire, give us a call and we will unblock your gutters.


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